Drupal as a content management system (CMS)

Mark Olive

For some, the thought of running a website is quite daunting and you might think that you can't manage a website if you can’t code – but don't worry, Bluerock are here! We build intuitive, personalised content management systems giving users just like you complete control...

What is a content management system?

A content management system (CMS) is a non-computer expert’s best friend! Essentially, a CMS lets people who don’t have any coding experience do complex things online… like manage a website.

It's helpful to begin by comparing a CMS to a computer programme that you're familiar with… say Microsoft Word. You don’t need any coding skills to use Microsoft Word because it has a clear user interface. If you want to type in bold, you click the bold button. If you want to save your file, you click save.

A CMS is similar in that it also gives users a clear interface to work with. For instance, if you want to add a new page or post, upload a photo or video, or publish or update a webpage, you simply click the relevant buttons. It is highly intuitive, and with very little training, can be easily mastered to create the pages on your site just how you want them.

Drupal as a CMS | Bluerock

However, unlike Microsoft Word, no software needs to be installed on your computer to access a CMS. You can access it from any computer with an internet connection – password protected, of course. Furthermore, all files and content are securely stored online, so if your computer crashes or breaks down, your content and data will be safe.

A CMS allows users to work individually or collaboratively. For instance, one team member could write an article, another could add images or animations, and a third could edit and publish the final draft, and they don't even need to be in the same office.

You have total control over what powers to grant each user on a CMS, and we can help set this up to suit your needs. For instance, you may wish to give a staff member permission to create content but not to see sales figures. Or maybe you want to allow visitors to become users with the ability to post on forums. A CMS makes all of this possible.

Let us shape the perfect CMS for your website

A quality CMS (like our favourite, Drupal) is highly adaptable. We’ll do all the hard work of setting up a tailor-made CMS to suit your individual needs. If you’re aiming for simple, we’ll keep it simple. If you’re looking for something more complex, we’ve got you covered, too. We’ll also work with you to make sure the site looks stunning – any content you add will fit seamlessly into the design.

Once your website is up and running, you can use this bespoke CMS to create and edit content, interact with colleagues and visitors, promote and sell products and services, and much, much more.

For instance, we can set up your CMS to let you:

  • Create, edit, publish, archive and remove webpages, blog posts, articles, etc.
  • Add and edit events in an event calendar
  • Add, edit, and remove products and related product information (description, photos, price, etc.)
  • Sell products and services through a secure online payment method
  • Incorporate a user ID system
  • Grant privileges to members (e.g. paid/free access to certain webpages on your site; access to a personal page; publishing rights on a forum; access to an in-system community)
  • Interact with customers/members/visitors through a public or private communication system
  • Incorporate advertising and/or affiliate marketing services into your website
  • Incorporate Google Analytics to get data on every aspect of visitor behaviour

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your specific needs, we can make them a reality.

Want to see what we can do for you? Let’s talk.