Secure financial management system design and build | Bluerock

Real time, intuitive financial and project data management

The idea

A cloud based system to quickly and easily add, edit and collate financial and project data, with department specific modules to suit individual requirements, and consistent data entry and analysis across the interface. All within a single, simple system designed to replace separate spreadsheets and have the capability of a high end database with minimal clicks.

The solution

A flexible framework of web based interfaces and workflow modules allowing users to quickly and easily manage detailed financial information on specific or multiple projects, and run real time reports. Minimal IT skills and training are required and the system can be added to as needed. Budgie is designed to operate with unlimited departments, projects, financial years and users.

Secure financial management system design and build | Bluerock
Secure financial management system design and build | Bluerock


Budgie works in real time to record and collate spend, income and project management details line by line, avoiding multiple data entry. Reports are in real time (no downloading), to screen, print or MS Office applications. Each entry, including deletes and cross project transfers, is backed up with full user history and timeline. Efficiency is improved and workflows streamlined.


Used standalone, connected to your existing systems or as a hybrid, Budgie provides a single view of your organisation. Data can be seamlessly pulled and pushed within your systems through one browser interface. It's easier to navigate than spreadsheets, uses no additional software, and can be cloud based or used via your local network.